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Ultimately Bespoke

We take immense pride in providing a friendly and professional service, catering to diverse needs – whether you're seeking your very first horsebox within a budget, or a lavish, customised horsebox tailored to your exact specifications.

We stock a modest selection of 3.5t horseboxes in stock, or if you prefer, we extend a completely personalised service, enabling you to design your own layout, features, and colour combinations. Your preferences, whatever they are, can be completely catered to.

Welcome to Herefordshire Horseboxes

Set yourself apart from the ordinary, make an entrance at shows exuding an air of distinction with custom logos crafted and installed to transform your horsebox into a truly unparalleled masterpiece.

Quality is our unwavering commitment; the safety of both horse and driver takes precedence in all our endeavours. Each horsebox incorporates a reinforced bulkhead for driver security, along with meticulously fortified floors and walls. Every build is constructed in our own fabrication facility, drawing from over three decades of experience.

Every vehicle comes with a 12-month MOT and service, a six-month mechanical warranty, as well as a twelve-month body warranty. We also offer a trade-in service – say goodbye to your old horsebox, lorry, or 4x4 as you move forward with your new, bespoke horsebox.

Prices start from £25,000. Feel free to reach out to us to learn about our current stock or explore the possibilities of a personalised build tailored to your needs.


Transforming your horsebox into a reflection of your unique style and identity has never been easier with personalized graphics. Whether you're a competitive rider, a passionate equestrian, or simply someone who values a touch of individuality, adding personalized graphics to your horsebox can make a statement on the road and at the stable.


When it comes to the safety and comfort of your horse during transport, a well-designed horsebox is essential. One crucial element that ensures your horses travel securely is a breast bar. Adding a breast bar to your horsebox can provide numerous benefits, contributing to a safer and more comfortable journey for your horses.


Your horsebox is a canvas, and the colours you choose can bring your vision to life in the most vibrant way. Imagine the freedom to paint your horsebox in any shade or hue you can dream of. With modern customisation techniques, the possibilities are limitless, allowing you to create a horsebox that stands out and represents your personality, style, and equestrian aspirations.